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Paris- The Most Beautiful City in the World

Last year I had the privilege of spending five glorious nights in the French capital. Prior to the trip I had been particularly excited for this leg of the trip. But even despite my excitement I was still blown away by how magical the city was. There is something indescribable about Paris that makes you feel like you’re in a different world or a different time – but I’m going to do my best to describe it anyway. Here are five of the best things about Paris as told through my perspective.

Note : All pictures used in this article are my own.

The Eiffel Tower – Yes, okay I know this one is generic, and it is the most famous landmark in the world after all, but pictures and articles still couldn’t prepare me for how magnificent this building truly is. For starters, I was surprised to see how big it really is in person – pictures don’t quite prepare you for it to be so tall! The first night I arrived in Paris, we went straight to our hotel in Montmartre, which is a decent way away from the Eiffel Tower, so we did not get to see it straight away. I remember the first glimpse I caught of it, the tip in the distance as we were passing the Louvre across the River Seine. It really took the air out of my lungs. It felt like a dream almost to finally view it in person. As we cruised through the CBD of Paris, we kept catching it glimpses of it behind buildings or glimmering across the river. So many different angles to view it from, each beautiful and unique. And finally, on the grass under the tower we sat in the warm European sunshine and took pictures and brought souvenirs off the friendly African vendors. It may be a generic tourist attraction, but there is a reason it is so popular. For an iron tower there is something just so beautiful and awe spiring about it.

The Seine – My trip to Paris was in the peak of the French summer and I would definitely recommend taking a boat cruise along the Seine at this time. Unlike the polluted rivers in many major cities the water of the Seine was sparkling blue in the sunshine (still not swimmable of course though.) You can see many of the major tourist landmarks from the river including the Notre Dame – although that is still heavily under repair from the 2018 fire – and the Eiffel tower itself so a boat tour is definitely a must. There is also a plethora of beautiful and historically significant bridges spanning the river as well which are definitely worth checking out. Like many European cities Paris has a dedicated “love-lock” bridge where lovers come and fasten padlocks with their initials inscribed to symbolize their eternal love for one another. Some of my most pleasant memories of Paris are of gentle strolls along the Seine.

Versailles- Okay, so the palace isn’t technically in Paris but it’s a short train ride out and a popular tourist destination. In the peak of the tourist season it’s popularity can be a downfall – the halls inside the place are so packed with humans you hardly move or breathe. Still, it’s grandeur was still breathtaking so I can only imagine how incredible it would be to visit in quieter times of the year. One perk of visiting in the summer however is being able to make the most of the warm weather to stroll the expansive gardens. The gardens include many attractions such as a singing fountain, maze-like hedged area and swan-filled lakes you can actually take a row-boat into for an extra fee. You can also visit Marie Antoinette’s summer residence located at the far end of the palace gardens which in my experience was much less crowded but still just as grand as the main palace.

Montmartre – The district I stayed in Montmartre is one of the most popular and beautiful places for people to stay in hotels. Granted, not of all Paris is beautiful and glamourous- on the taxi ride into the city from Charles de Gaulle Airport we passed through many areas that could only be described as ghettos or slums. But Montmartre and the inner districts in the city are what you think of when you think of quintessential Paris – quaint cafes and buildings of exquisite architecture. One thing that I sadly didn’t get to do during my stay in Paris was the visit the world -famous cabaret Moulin Rouge, located in Montmartre. I know the entry prices are quite high but surely it would be worth it. Never mind though, as surely this gives me an excuse to return one day!

The Romance – Paris isn’t called the City of Love for nothing – it’s sexy and seductive while at the same time still sweet and virginal. Romance floats through the air like oxygen in Paris. The couples walking hand in hand along the river, entwined at tables outside the cafes, kissing under the tower. From sunrise to sunset and into the sparkling night Paris is full of giddy romance. Even if you don’t fall in love with a lover while in Paris, you’ll surely fall in love with Paris itself.