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Spirituality + Color Energy

In spiritualism, synchronicities in numbers are something that are widely noted and discussed. We know all about auras and looking for them and finding the connection to aura and personality. But how often do we really stop to look around and absorb the color around us. Do we notice patterns in colors that seem to being appearing repeatedly? Tune into the emotions certain colors make us feel. In a world full of vibrant color, it is a concept that is undervalued and understudied. Recently however, I read a book called “Your Life in Color,”, by Dougall Fraser (which I absolutely recommend and give credit to for the inspiration for this piece.) It really opened by eyes up to the spirituality of color. I strongly believe that nothing the universe does is by accident. Everything that shows up in our life has deeper meaning. And so because of this, I have started to pay way more attention to something I used to pretty much take for granted. What colors are showing up regularly in my life? What colors do I tend to resonate with, or gravitate towards, for example frequently choosing when I get dressed in the morning for no apparent reason? Just I used to look for synchronicities in numbers before, I have started to the same with color. I think anything the universe delivers us with is up for interpretation. It’s just that most people don’t bother looking.

So let’s say you have started paying more attention to color synchronicity. What do the colors actually mean? As with everything I recommend using your intuition first and foremost. How you feel about something is always more important than what some guru or psychic expert tells you. But long into history, color has always been associated with different connotations. Below is a quick guide of common colors and their interpretations.

White –

White is the cleansing color. When white begins to appear frequently in your life it is a sign of new beginnings. White could be a way of telling you to let go, to cleanse yourself from an old hurt and more forward into a more positive future. White is a color of opening new pathways, of cleansing the old and making way for the new. If you are frequently being exposed to white, it is a sign to let go of something that has been holding you back, and to move onto the next chapter.

Gold -

Gold is sign of brilliance, independence, and strength. Someone is surrounded by gold energy is someone who is likely an idol to others. They know what they want, and how to get it. They excel at everything they do. If gold is expressing itself to you, it may be a message that you need to harness some of that confidence and appreciate that inspiration inside yourself. To harness gold is to take the embers within yourself and turn them into a burning flame.


Silver represents supremely divine, feminine energy (note : feminine is an energy that doesn’t necessarily relate to either sex). Silver is a lovely homemaking energy and can often relate to orderliness, maternal energy. When your silver energy is balanced, your home life, work life and social life are all in harmony with each other. When silver is cropping up frequently in your life it may a sign to get your home affairs in order. This is some way a metaphor for how the fixing of smaller problems can alleviate much bigger problems from which they stem, in your life.

Blue -

If you are receiving a lot of color cues for the color blue, it may be a sign that you need to confront an inner truth. Blue represents truth, knowledge and wisdom. This can relate to both academic and professional knowledge, but also inner intuition or subconscious thought. So while blue can be harnessed effectively as a study or memory tool, there could be some deeper meaning to it’s presence as well. It may be a sign from the universe for you to confront a truth or reality that you have been keeping at bay. The results of not listening to blue energy can be avoidance and deceit.


Green tones relate heavily to creativity and communication. The presence of green can definitely be a sign to express yourself and show your artistic flair. Whether its dancing, writing of painting creative outlets are an incredible way to relieve stress. The implications of not giving in green can include blocked channels of self expression and repressed emotions.


Purple is the color of leadership. Historically, because purple dye used to be so expensive to make, purple was a color reserved especially for nobility. Harnessing purple energy means engaging with your sense of purpose and being someone with a clear sense of direction and how to achieve your goals. Someone with a high level of purple energy is someone who was born to lead. A deficit of purple energy can lead to lack of direction and indecisiveness.


Red is the color of healthy relationships and relationships. When red energy is balance, an individual will have a healthy social life, and be in the position to form meaningful romantic, platonic and familial relationships. The color red popping up frequently in your life can be that sign that you’re looking for to encourage you to take that leap and pursue a relationship, join a social ground and let go of any anxieties that you may be holding that are preventing you from making those positive social moves in your life. Orange – Orange is the color of balance and perception. This relates to balance of the mid, body and spirit. Activating orange energy may be a way for you to slow down and get your bearings in life and reset. When orange energy is balanced, one will feel calm, settled and well rounded. An imbalance of orange can lead to a feel of being scattered or torn in different directions.

Pink –

Whilst red can be the color of forming connections with others and outward affections, pink is the color of inner love. Pink is the color of true self-acceptance. When someone is harnessing pink energy they have self-respect and appreciation. A good way to harness pink energy is to treat yourself to quality alone time, and to pamper yourself on occasion. An imbalance of pink energy can lead to a strong “inner critic” and self -judgement.