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Put simply, manifesting is basically the act of willing something into being. It’s based around the philosophical idea of the law of attraction which basically states that if you can focus enough of your energy into one particular thing it will eventually materialize. This is because of the power that thought has over our reality. When you focus all your energy into feeling hopeless or like conditions will never improve, you are cementing this reality by manifesting this image you have of your life so hard it because your ultimate truth. But the fact is, we are all completely responsible for the lives we lead and what comes into them. What we create in our life all begins in the mind, with a single thought. When you mentally see your life as being thriving, successful and abundant, this is naturally the physical situation you will create for yourself.

Changing your thoughts truly CAN change your world. There are karmic energies that exist within the world that are attracted or repulsed by our actions, thoughts and feelings. When you do good, good things will usually present themselves to you, as those positive karmic energies are attracted to your positive karmic vibration. This is the same with thoughts.

Everything in the world has either a low or a high vibration. High vibrations are positive, highly spiritual vibrations that are energetic and have a highly attractive power. People who are highly spiritually awakened or are filled with positives thoughts and actions have a high vibration and in turn this attractions positive energetic waves. People who are filled with negative thoughts and actions have a low vibration and these attractive low, sluggish energies that drain more from the individual than they restore them with.

Practicing thoughts of a positive nature can attract positive energies and help convert those thoughts into energies. Everytime something positive has happened in your life it’s started with a thought – going on a date with that person, applying for that job, starting your blog. The more positive energy you focus into something you clearly want the more likely that event is to happen. But realistically, how can you make manifesting a part of your everyday life and how can you do it effectively?

So the first step in manifesting is to be very clear on your intentions. A good idea of an intention is “ I want to develop a meaningful romantic relationship with someone” or “I want to have enough money and health to own my own home” or “ I want to be promoted in my job so I can receive the recognition I deserve.” These are good intentions because they are clear on the outcome without being too specific that they become unrealistic. They reflect achievable ideals that are in reach of anybody, even if at the time they seem like a big ask. And once you are clear on your intention, and you have one specific goal or wish in mind that you can visualize and begin to put thought into, you can begin the manifestation process.

Some ways to manifest are to repeat positive affirmations. The more you say “I AM worthy of love,” or “I CAN attract success and wealth,” the more that becomes true. Your thoughts are your reality and by saying something out loud, even if you don’t inherently believe it to begin with, you are putting that thought in your head even for second. The more and more you create ways to put that thought in your head the more and more that becomes a reality for you.

The more and more you feel you are deserving of something, the more and more you send out those high vibrations into the universe and attract what you want. Manifesting is really just a fancy word for believing in something so strongly in becomes true, by making your thoughts the starting point for your external reality. Happy manifesting everyone!