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How to Become More Spiritually Aware

Some people are lucky to be born with a greater connection with the spiritual world. This may be as a result of a childhood experience – maybe an interaction with a spirit, prophetic dreams or visions from past lives occurring in formative years. Children are much more perceptive to psychic cues, but for most people these experiences occur very young, in the toddler age or earlier so it is unlikely for these memories to stick with the person and have a significant impact. For some people, their spiritualism may come as the result of their environment during their upbringing. Personally, I would say that my mother was a much more spiritual person than average. We had tarot cards around the house and the bookshelves were lined with books on “Household spells” or “feng shui.” We had crystals and emphasis was placed on their value. Although I never saw my mother actively practice spiritualism I would definitely say I had above average exposure to it, so for me it was almost a natural path to move down. This extended when I began yoga in my early teenage years, only furthering my spiritual studies. For some people, their spiritual journey may begin with a catalyst- a book, or a movie or a documentary that captures their interest and motivates them to begin a spiritual journey of learning and then practice. I remember the first time I came across the book “Eat Pray Love.” I found it for $1 in my local second-hand shop. It had been a long time since I’d devoured a book so quickly. That book spoke to me on so many levels, about the reconciliation of pleasure and spiritualism and how a person can balance these aspects to become one, whole fulfilled person. Sometimes, now, when I can feel my spiritual practices slipping, I read that book and every time it reignites my passion. Regardless, there a lot of different ways people begin down this journey but chances are if reading this blog, something has inspired you to become a more spiritually awakened person.

Some people, when they stumble across spiritualism, might have all the passion and dedication, but feel as though they are not actually making any progress on the path to being awakened. I completely understand how this feels – it has taken me years of meditation to get to the point where I can sit there for a solid five minutes without having a torrent of thoughts. When it comes to spiritualism, throwing yourself in the deep end is not at all the best policy. You’ve got to be able to walk before you run. So, sometimes it’s the smallest of acts every day that can contribute to you becoming a more spiritually awakened person. Afterall, it’s such a broad term and applies to everyone differently. So here are some things I do that I feel give me a greater sense of connection to the spiritual world.

Connecting with Nature

Being aware of the physical world around you is a huge part of being spiritual. The simple act of taking a walk in nature can have huge spiritual benefits. Afterall, spiritualism is all about devoting ourselves to the mysterious beauty of the world around us, including all the things we can see, smell and touch. When appropriate, I like to go for walks barefoot. Connecting and unifying your physical body with the natural world is a great way to increase spiritual harmony. Simples actions like lying in the grass, climbing a tree and doing work in the garden are all powerful ways of saying “thank you” to nature for the abundance it provides us with and moving on your way to become a more spiritual person

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are some of the most stereotypical practices linked with spiritualism. However, the mainstreaming of these things and increasing prominence on social media ect can actually be intimidating to beginner spiritual practitioners. The more and more we are bombarded with pictures of freakishly bendy people contorting their bodies the more and more expectations people are associating with yoga and meditation, which can be discouraging. Yoga doesn’t have to be about being able to do a headstand – it can be about taking ten minutes every day to lightly stretch on your mind and reconnect the link between body and spirit. Similarly, meditation doesn’t have to just be about to having transcendent experiences. Simply taking five minutes every day to breathe and let your mind, body and spirit align is more than sufficient.

Light One Up

If it’s legal in your area, marijuana is a great way to release yourself from the anxieties of modern life and tune the frequency of your mind into a freer frequency. Marijuana is also said to have increased health benefits and in some cases can alleviate depression, anxiety and even help with ADHD. When smoking marijuana, do remember to take precautions such as only obtaining it from a reliable source and consuming marijuana in a safe and controlled environment.

Find Material

Personally, I love to read spiritual books and watch documentaries about spiritual topics that I’m interested in. “Spiritualism” is such a broad term for a way of leaving that embraces the world of the unseen. The more and more I learn about spiritualism the more and more branches I get taken down. Knowledge is power they say, and the more and more information one consumes the more and more one can expand their mind and explore other possibilities. Learning about other people’s spiritual journeys is one of the best ways to help you with your own. Some of the biggest spiritual breakthroughs I have had have been the result of other’s inspiration. I take every opportunity I can to learn from others. In addition to consuming spiritual material, surrounding yourself with other likeminded people is a great help in one’s spiritual journey. For example, one of my greatest spiritual guides was my yoga teacher, whom I learned a lot from and was greatly influenced by. I also subscribe to spiritual bloggers and you tubers whose spiritual content I relate to. One of my favorite spiritual YouTube Channels is Nicky Sutton’s “Spiritual Awakening” series.