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Travel Style Tips

 When travelling for an extended period of time overseas, it can be difficult to find the time and luggage storage to look as good as we would like for our travel pics. Recently I spent a month in Europe, and I was determined to have incredible pictures that I could post online on every location I visited. Because of this, I didn’t want to be repeating outfits or just throwing on any old thing, but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money or go over the weight restrictions. Here’s some tips I learned about looking good while being on an overseas trip with a rigorous schedule-

1. Use every inch of your suitcase wisely

Invest in a suitcase that is of a reasonable size, because if you’re like me you won’t be packing many heavy items and the thing that will take up the most space is clothes, which don’t weigh much. Rolling up clothes tightly will also maximize the space to allow for many outfits. In my case, I was going to a hot climate to most of my pieces were light and thin fabrics which meant they were easily packed in tight. When going to a colder climate, the thicker fabrics and bulky items won’t fit as well so it’s important to utilize carry on luggage and fit as much as you can on your body going through the airport as well.

2. Find a few basic pieces and accessorize.

I found that I could several wearing’s out of an item without my photos looking repetitive by accessorizing differently. For example, I packed a pair of denim shorts that I wore multiple times but each time with different tops and accessories. The same could be said for a basic white shirt with a few different pants ect. The same pieces can be worn bit in different combinations or with feature items to avoid over packing.

3. Plan outfits in advance

The best thing I did was to carefully write down in advance what I would be wearing each day that would suit my itinerary, which took away the time of deciding in the mornings and made sure that whatever I was wearing for the day was appropriate for the activities. Look at the average type of weather at the time of year to the location you’re travelling to do to take out the unexpected weather element out of it. If buying new clothes, think of a specific day or activity in your itinerary the item might be well suited to. I even went to the extreme of “coordinating” the outfits to the places I was visiting ie blue and white in the Greek Islands. This made sure that every single I could put in my outfit without stressing in the knowledge that every outfit was going to be amazing and look perfect in my scenic pictures.

4. Save money and thrift

This tip applies to every time you buy new clothes, not just in preparation for a trip. Save money and the environment by buying someone else’s pre-loved clothes. You would be surprised about the quality and beauty of the items that can be found in thrift stores if you spend the time looking. Even, better, donate your clothes when you are done with them and continue the cycle. Thrift shopping is a cheaper and guilt-free way to keep your wardrobe up to date.

5. Leave room for holiday purchases

Lastly, leave some room in your suitcase for what you will pick up on holiday! Whether it’s a souvenir T-Shirt or a designer dress from an upmarket Parisian boutique, it is almost guaranteed you will pick up more pieces during travels. There’s nothing more special than wearing something that has a story to it so make sure to allow room for these sentimental pieces!