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4 fun and easy recipes to try this Halloween

Ever since I’ve been a little girl, I have absolutely loved Halloween. I have fond memories of every year renting out Halloween party theme books from the library and spending hours pouring over the costumes, decorations and food. Even grown up, Halloween is still a big deal in my family- and this is even in my part of the world, where Halloween is not so widely celebrated as it would be in other places, such as the States. So, in celebration of my favourite holiday I have put together four of my favourite Halloween recipes. All of these recipes are suitable for vegetarians and all photos are of my own attempts at these delicious masterpieces.

Spooky Spider + Mummy Pizzas

12 Pack English Muffins

Tomato Paste


Black Olives

These spooky pizzas are the perfect savoury snack for your next Halloween party.

Begin by simply cutting the English muffins in half, and spreading on each a layer of tomato paste. Use a cheese grater to slice thick and long strips, using the widest side of the grater. Arrange the cheese slices on half to them to resemble a spiders web, and on the other half to resemble the wraps of a mummy, as pictured above. Use the olives as the mummy’s eyes or sliced to form the shape of a spider. Finish by placing them the oven for 10-15 minutes, making sure not to leave them in anymore or cheese formations will overmelt.

Jack o’ lantern Peppers

 2 Orange Peppers ( or more depending on how many you are cooking for)

2 cups of rice

1 mushroom

1 tomato

A handful grated cheese


Enjoy the Halloween tradition of the jack o lantern without all the effort of carving a pumpkin!

Begin by cutting off the top off the pepper and scooping out all the seeds and contents to leave a hollow and empty middle. Using a washable, non toxic whiteboard marker draw a face onto the surface of your pepper, with triangle eyes and a zig zag shaped mouth. Get a sharp knife and careful use it to slice out the marked pieces. Because the pepper is soft, the knife should glide through easily. To make the stuffing for inside the pepper, first cook approximately two cups of rice - 1 cup equating to enough for one jack o lantern. In a mixing bowl, mix the cooked rice with with chopped mushroom, tomato, oregano and cheese or any other fillings of your choice. ( if vegan leave out cheese.) Carefully stuff the peppers with the rice mixture and cook for 20-25 minutes. Ensure not to cook for too long or peppers may burst.

Chocolate- Dipped Strawberry Ghosts

 1 block white chocolate

1 punnet strawberries

Handful of small round chocolate chips

This recipe is spookily easy!

Heat a small saucepan and place block of white chocolate in square by square. Stir continuously until chocolate forms a silky melted state. Carefully dip the strawberries into the mixture submerging them completely. Immediately stick on chocolate chips to form ghost face and leave to dry into a hard white shell.

Dirt Pudding

2 packets oreos

1 block milk chocolate

Packet of gummy worms

2 clear glasses

For a Halloween treat that is both repulsive and delicious.

There are many variations of the chocolate mix that can be used to form the dirt. Other variations can include vanilla essence or condensed milk. However, I began by getting a rolling pin and crushing the Oreos to form a fine powder resembling dirt. Put a small saucepan on the stove and melt chocolate to form a silky texture. In a bowl mix the melted chocolate with the crushed Oreos, leaving some of the dry crushed Oreos separately. In a cup, begin to layer in both equally the liquid “mud” mixture and the dry “ dirt mixture. Place Gummi Worms throughout and sprinkle top with crushed Oreos.