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How To Take On Board Constructive Criticism.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve all heard things we don’t want to. Even when we are happy within ourselves and our situations, dealing with criticisms can be difficult and open us up to insecurity and self doubt. So how can we deal with criticism? Criticism can come from a lot of different places. Often, it is most difficult to take when it comes from people who are close to us, such as family members or significant others. Often the criticism comes from a place of care and wanting to help you. However, when it directly contradicts a trait or quality about us, or something that we are really proud of, it can be a really hard pill to swallow. But in order to grow and thrive in our lives, we need to be able to accept criticism. More than that, we need to acknowledge where there is room for improvement and what aspects of ourselves could do with some revamping. Here at Bumble Bee Living, personal growth is a huge motivator and something we should never stop aspiring to achieve. If someone tells us that we are exhibiting traits of greed, selfishness or rudeness then of course that is something that should be taken on board. Often criticism can come across in a way that is unpleasant to hear but this necessary in order for us to truly absorb the message. If someone is being nasty or undermining you for no apparent reason, then that is not constructive criticism but it is bullying. However, the reason that criticism usually hurts so much is because it comes from a place of insecurity. When someone critiques something you are already insecure about, it hurts because it’s already reflecting qualities about yourself you don’t like.

So what should you say when you receive criticism from someone?

You should never respond defensively but always with something calm and collected like “Thank you for telling me this. I will take this feedback on board.” Try and figure out why they might be feeling this way. Criticism is always hard to take but it is what keeps us growing and developing as people. Critique doesn’t necessarily have to be viewed as negativity, but rather as the water that feeds the blossoms. Change your mindset to view criticism as a blessing, and you will find yourself starting to lead a life that is positive and constantly improving.