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How To See Your Aura

Whether or not you believe in the principles and myths that go with it, it is fact that everyone has a field of energetic particles that surround their body. When viewed in the correct light, these particles have colour to them- the colour of the energetic field that surrounds you is your aura. Skeptic or not, if you know the technique it is possible for EVERYONE to be able to see their own aura, no psychic or magical abilities needed.

Step 1 - Find a white background with natural lighting illuminating the surface. Artificial lighting will not work. The surface needs to be fully bathed in sunlight, with no shadows. The wall/ door / surface must be completely white, with no colouring or tinge.

Step 2 - Stand about a meter away from the surface with one of your hands extended. Have the hand splayed with your palm facing you, against the white background.

Step 3- Focus your gaze directly to the palm of the hand. This part is the part that might take some practice. Unfocus your eyes so that the hand becomes somewhat blurred as opposed to sharp. Leave your gaze however concentrated solely to the palm of the hand, viewing only the fingers through your peripheral vision. After a few seconds of this, a colour should begin to form outlining your hand. If the lighting is not right, this may just appear as a dark shadow and so correct lighting should be obtained.

Step 4- Have some fun. It will be a shock the first time you see your aura- it may only be for a second the bright colour “jumps” out at you, and the shock may cause you to lose focus. Overtime, however you can train your eyes to unfocus for minutes at a time, and during this period you will experience both clear, bright lines of colour surrounding your hand as well as a more smoky, lighter edging. It is important to not strain or overwork your eyes trying to see your aura, as prolonged unfocusing of the eyes can lead to headaches. Once you have clearly established the colour of your aura, enjoy researching a range of sources and coming to a conclusion about what your aura means about you. Be aware that your aura can differ depending on your mood and mental state. Happy aura gazing!!