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Introducing Me!

Hi there! I’m Jess and this blog is basically dedicated to my passions and ideas. Many of the topics covered here are all things that help keep me in a happy and healthy frame of mind. In the last few years I have awakened greatly spiritually and the discoveries I have made are chronicled here under the “Spiritualism +Yoga section. Under this section you will find advice on how to begin your spiritual journey, to further advance this if already on it, ways to extend your yoga practice and more. Under the Travel section you will find pictures and anecdotes from travels I have already done, inspirations for future travels, and ideas for how to optimise your travel experiences. Under "Vegetarian + Enviro" I talk my experiences as a vegetarian and also environmental issues, and under “Positive Thinking”, you can read about a few of the ways I keep up a positive mindset and try to be happiest, healthiest and best version of myself I can be. Finally "Just For Fun" is for zany miscelleanous thoughts and projects I'm working on! Enjoy!

Jess Robertson